Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lots of things going on with the team.....

Woo I haven't posted in a while sorry about that! We have some new members on the team which brings our total team members to 16!! Our new members are: Hale Street Studio, Meldew Designs, Cait Cards, & A Joyful Life. be sure to stop by their shops & check out their fabulous card creations!
Now onto the featured member for August, it is Madie Ager! She was chosen by Here is her interview:

1. What is your name? Madie Ager-Warner Where do you live (state or country)?  Beckenham, Kent which is 20 mins on the train to London Do you work outside the home? I work for 3i they are a private equity company. If so, doing what? I am a Client Services Team Leader I have a team of 9 and we manage the front of house service, meetings, events and switchboard. My other role with the company is ISS you might have heard of them I am a Training Facilitator I facilitate and write the training programs and I also mentor.
2. Are you married?
Yes for 8 months. Do you have any children? No but I have a cat.
3. What is the name of your Etsy shop?
The Butterfly Corner How long have you been open? April 2010 What do you make? Cards mainly but I make albums for other people out of recycled children’s books. I sew a little bit and I dabble a little in altered art but I want to try and scrapbook a bit more. How long have you been crafting or making things? I have always been creative I have a card that I made my mother when I was 7 and I have hand cut the edges so it looked scalloped and to this day that is my favorite edging for a card. How did you get started? I would say in the last 5/6 years I have really got back into it mainly because my job changed and I actually have time to myself.
4. What prompted you to start selling your creations?
My now husband told me one day “you can’t keep everything you make and you can’t keep giving it away” and “you can’t buy anymore stuff” Ha! Little does he know how shrewd we crafters are… In the last 3 years I feel that my creations are good enough to sell now.
5.What do you enjoy most about creating?
I’m definitely a giver I really enjoy making cards for other people especially if they request something. I find crafting relaxing you can lose yourself for hours I probably spend too much time in my craft room but it’s my little haven. I just love all the products and techniques that are out there these days.