Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Featured Artist For October Is.....Beautanicals!

What is your name? Hélène Fontaine Taylor
Where do you live (state)? I live in Gig Harbor, Washington but I am a Canadian originally from Victoria, British Columbia
Do you work outside the home? Yes
If so, doing what? I am a junior high school teacher of students with behavioral issues and learning disabilities in math, reading and written language.
Are you married? Yes
Do you have any children? All girls – 13, 11 and 3
What is the name of your Etsy shop? Beautanicals

How long have you been open? Since January 31, 2010
What do you make? I make mini cards, greeting cards, gift tags, photographic images of nature and architectural elements and I have recently started making framed chalkboards which appear to be becoming the focus of my shop.
How long have you been crafting or making things? Ever since I can remember. My dad had a strong interest in photography and I followed him around which gave me a foundation in the creative process and the passion for expressing myself in this manner.
How did you get started? I was always encouraged to be creative and to be intentional in carving out time for creativity.
What prompted you to start selling your creations? I have been selling my photography for several years and a friend of mine told me about Etsy.
What do you enjoy most about creating? I find it very rewarding to get hold of a creative idea, problem solve about how you are going to accomplish your vision, and then the satisfaction of a finished product. It is relaxing and rewarding especially when someone else thinks my items are good enough to welcome into their life.