Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Featured Artist For September Is.....SCRAPPIN ASHLEY!

Read on for her interview to learn a little more about her & her shop! Click here to check out her shop! Also you can click on the mini picture show at the bottom of the interview.
1.What is your name? Ashley Scheffler
Where do you live (state)? Indiana    Do you work outside the home? No..I am blessed to be a SAHM to my almost 2 year old son.
2. Are you married? Yes..very happily married to Brent. Do you have any children? Aiden (almost 2)
3.What is the name of your Etsy shop? Scrappin Ashley. How long have you been open? I have had Etsy shop since 2007. What do you make? Paper crafts (cards, albums, pages and more). How long have you been crafting or making things? Since I was 16 years old. Although my style has changed quite a bit since then.
How did you get started? When I was 16 my mom went to a Stampin Up party and bought a few things. I used those items and got hooked!
4. What prompted you to start selling your creations? I was running out of room to keep things I created!
5. What do you enjoy most about creating? Seeing the finished product after I finish making something.